A day in the life of William...


When we got to the big castle I saw balloons...and a smiley lady holding them. When I asked mummy if we could get one she said yes, I was excited!

The nice lady came over and said hello, she told me her name was Shelly and that she has got lots of toys and games for me and other children to play with. Shelly said that after a short time I could go and find her and the other ladies and play. Shelly said that my mummy and daddy could come with me too! I felt happy and wanted to see what toys Shelly had.

Mummy and daddy said that after the man kisses the lady I could go and play...and I did!

Shelly and the ladies had so many toys. I saw lots of things I wanted to play with but didn't want to let go of mummies hand. Shelly said that my mummy could stay until I felt happy and mummy said she was only going to be over there.

I saw another boy come in and he ran over to the Lego, he looked like he was having great fun so I went over too. Shelly came with me and asked if I liked rockets….I love rockets!!!! Shelly sat with me and we made a really really big rocket. The other boy was called Sam, we made rockets together.

I told mummy I was ok and she said she will come back and see me in a little bit, I said ok and then Shelly said “William, after you have played rockets maybe you me Sam and the other children could play with the parachute” wow that sounded like fun...and it was!

I made lots of friends, I had my face painted like a tiger RRAAAA, I made a church out of boxes, I painted pictures for mummy and daddy, I made a wedding card, we had a puppet show...my favourite puppet was called Squid and he had silly hair! We played games, we did puzzles, I did singing and dancing, I dressed up as a pirate and so did Shelly! I played with the cars and garage, I made a Duplo tower, I played lots of different instruments and even listened to the Gruffalo story…

Mummy and daddy popped back lots to see me and when it was time for food I spent it with them and had some yummy food and pink ice cream. I did some silly dancing with dad and watched the massive cake get cut up by the lady and man that kissed! After me and my friends went back to find shelly and the ladies, we played hide and seek, did circle games and had silly dancing competitions and musical bumps!

When it started to go dark I was feeling tired so the ladies read stories and we watched a DVD so we could rest our little legs. I fell asleep on a big comfy beanbag and had a fluffy blanket and then when I woke up I was back at home in my own bed. That day I played with my wedding crèche goody bag, I had a balloon, bubbles, a toy car, a robot straw and some sweeties. Mummy can we go to the wedding again tomorrow?

Not tomorrow poppet, maybe another time though, did you have fun?

Yes lots!

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